It really isn’t mine Ossifer

You’d think I was an alcoholic with this selection, but in reality I drink wine primarily. This is because friends come over and leave the last bit behind. and I can’t seem to find the will to dump it down the drain.



Grief, and the greyness of days past

A few people who I follow on WordPress have had losses recently – losses of the kind in which the world is grey and bleak from their grief.  I understand, and I want them to know that (and I know this sounds so condescending and patronizing, and I’m so very very sorry for that), in time, it does get better.  You see, in 2008, I became an orphan.  Sounds strange to call myself that, after all, I’m not a child.  Far from it, but to this day I still consider myself an orphan.

Now I want to say up front, my world isn’t a grey miasma any more, in fact it’s filled with a lot of laughter, and quite a bit of joy.  But sometimes I trip on something someone says/posts/does and a bit of the sadness comes back for a moment.  I see something, and I want to tell my dad, or I want to call my mom up and ask her how to make that soufflé the way she used to.  And I can’t.  And it makes me sad again.

I had a Livejournal going at that time, still do.  Just don’t really post to it.  But all the talk of grief got me thinking, and I went in search of a post I knew I’d put out there.  I knew it was there – I’ve actually sought it out a few times in the past so that I can see that the heaviness in my chest has lifted, and my world is full of sunshine again.  Writing does help – it frees your soul to dance again.  I am certain you will stumble a bit at first, and have 2 left feet for quite a while, but the dance steps of life will come back to you.  Just listen for the music.

From July 9, 2008

Yesterday was worse I think than Thursday, when I found out my mom had passed away.  I said her eulogy.  Barb wrote it.  I broke down in the middle, and Brad had to read until I could again.I know it’s normal to feel the way I feel.  The funeral director told me it was.  Doesn’t make it better tho.  I’m sure it will pass.  Just don’t like this feeling of disinterest in life.  I’m not like this.  I’m normally a pain in the ass, chirpy and bouncy to the point of annoyance.  I want that back.  That is the me I know, not this lethargic grumpy grouch I’ve become.

Part of me, the me I love, must be lurking beneath the layers tho – I have a funny thing to share about my mother – in her safety deposit box, in pride of place, right on top of the coins she had collected, was this little blue piece of wool string.  Plain jane string.  Nothing to mark why it was there.  No note, nada.  I broke out in hysterical laughter.  My mother, queen of pack rats, had paid good money to put a piece of string into a safety deposit box.  lol – I couldn’t help but laugh.  Her house is packed to the rafters with her nick nack paddy whack junk, and here is a piece of string stored safely away in a bank.  I can’t help but hope she did it to make us all laugh, cause I’m really tired of crying.

Life thoughts

Ok, I realize this is supposed to be about Tolkien, and my quilt, and maybe some other things I work on.  I want to improve my writing, so perhaps I’ll share some of that here too someday.  I want to travel and see the world, and this is a way for me to remember the things I do, the places I see and the people I meet.  I’ve never been one to have a diary, but if I have a place to put stuff down when I want to write, perhaps I’ll maintain it.  I’ve got some crunchy toast stuff on LiveJournal (if you ever want to read it, ping me), but this WordPress thingy, well, I want it to be a bit more serious.  Just to give you fair warning, this is more the crunchy toast kind of post than the serious one.

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I wrote this years ago – found it again the other day

A few years ago, I was riding the train and was feeling rather melancholy.  I wrote part of  this during the ride, finished it later, printed it and then lost it.  I found it while cleaning the other day.

The Wonders of Modern Technology

As I sit by the window, and watch as the scenery flashes past, I wonder on the amazing technology we live with on a daily basis.  I am riding the train today, to go more than 50 km, and I plan to arrive in less than 25 minutes.  In my grandmother’s day, this trip may have taken more than an hour.  My great- great-grandparents, perhaps the better part of an afternoon by horse, the better part of a day by foot.  Yet I take it for granted that not only will I be warm and comfortable, I will arrive within my timeline.
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