Tolkien Quilt – JRR Tolkien initials

I joined a read-a-long on Tumblr, and the Moria door block is paused for a little bit.  I’ll keep working on it, but I wanted to make something for the prologue.  I decided on one of the blocks from – it is the 29th block in the LOTR series, JRR Tolkien’s initials.


Well, I messed it up – it’s backwards. There are two “R”s and this one is supposed to be the right side “R”. Bah. Back to the sewing machine. 2nd go – let’s hope this time is better.

It’s paper pieced, which I haven’t done in years and forgot you sew to wrong side of paper. Boo urns.

What is super sucky is that I was hand sewing some of the pieces on, as I found I had more control that way.  This <<< took me almost 2 hours to do.  And it’s only one small section.



20140104-165815.jpgThis is what it SHOULD look like when it’s done


20140104-170514.jpgThis is what it kinda looks like in the puzzle bits.  There are 5 sections you sew these eensy weensy little bits on, then sew the sections together to get the full block you see above.

Just for perspective, part “A” has 5 pieces in it.  It’s on the upper left in this picture.  Part “B”, right below it, has 22 pieces.  If I remember correctly, this block will finish out at 7 1/2″.

Paper piecing allows you to use teensy weensy little bits that normal (read SANE) quilters throw out, cause they are TOO SMALL to be useful.  This is not a good type of quilting for me to get into.  I’m already a packrat, and save little bits of fabric most people would probably chuck.   <les sigh>


20140105-163426.jpgWell, can you see the mistake?  Yup, I missed a black piece.  Somehow I saw it as an orange piece.  I seriously considered just colouring it black, but this is MY quilt.  I don’t want to always look at this block and go, “Well, it’s good enough, I guess”  I wanted it to be as good as possible.  So I ripped it apart and this is how it looks now.  Yes, I messed up part of the “J” – it’s a little wide, but I’m good with that.  It doesn’t bother me like the missing top of the “J” did.20140105-163505.jpg


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