Happy thoughts and pictures

Well, a few people I follow have posted their top 10 photos, and I thought I would too.  I’ll be honest, I don’t know where they are from, or who took them.  I’ve saved them for myself (I like photos of him to scroll thru on my desktop as I’m writing; I find it inspiring to actually see the emotions I am writing about you see…..<blush>).  I have no intention of posting them anywhere as my work – I assure you I know better with copyright issues and whatnot.  If any of these are your’s please let me know and I’ll give credit.  If you know where they come from please let me know so I can link back or give credit.

At any rate, photos of RA I keep on my phone and desktop to bring my spirits up when they are down……


ImageBrooding and dark


ImageSorry – virtually same photo, but brooding and light.  What can I say, they make me happy.


ImageHis blue eyes are virtually glowing from the wonderful lighting the photographer used.  Hmmm….I seem to see a theme here – full facial shots seem to be the order of the day….



Someone’s personal photo – if it’s your’s or you know whose it is, please let me know, I’ll give full credit.  This photo makes me believe that accidental encounters (like the one I read about on Tumblr recently) can actually happen to us regular folk.  And that is why this one makes me happy.  



Why this photo brings me out of the winter blues I don’t know.  But its a go to for me regardless.  Perhaps its the shadowing, the half image that inspires the knowledge that not all is known, the future is yet unseen.  Or maybe its just the fact I can see him up close…..



And from far away….


ImageRA as Thorin, the first of his character I was introduced to.  



And the second.  And so far, my favourite.  Never knew what they meant in romance books by the smouldering look until I saw North and South.



His grin makes me smile – it’s a little crooked, a little wonky, makes me believe his sense of humour is terribly wicked.



And just because they are side by side and I can admire them together.



  1. That b/w photo is a crop of him with an autograph hound from the summer of 2012 in the San Diego airport. So I can’t imagine anyone will get upset about that “borrow” —

    so many of these could be on my list, too, esp the one from the NY Hobbit event. The man just doesn’t take a bad pic, it seems!

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  3. yep, the direct stares 2,3 and thorin. plus the grin. wicked indeed. thinking of gisborne. *gets off, putting together her own desktop folder with armitage favourites* surely with more than ten pictures but i’ve become inspired to finally do this thanks to all emerging blog posts on that subject. thanks! XD

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