Frustrations, Irritations, and a big sigh

So….I get a call last night.  My daughter has “missed a class”.  In other words, skipped.  When I spoke to her (the book loving, school addicted one!!), she swore she had not skipped, and could only think that a teacher had not noticed her in class.  Considering it’s -20 or less, I believed her – there really isn’t anywhere for her to go to if she wanted to skip, not to mention she loves school (I know, right? Some kind of weird genetic abnormality there, I swear!!).  

So…off to her school this morning.  Stop in the office.  I ask which class she has missed.  It is her first class.  Considering I dropped her off at school yesterday, I didn’t think she’d have skipped the first class, not to mention that there is NOTHING to do around her school.  It is too hard to get to a mall, and again, why would this one skip?  The boy child….well, he’s another story, and even at 11 years old we would have grounded first and asked questions later.

Turns out the teacher just hadn’t seen her, so marked her as absent.  Good news for her.  No grounding.  Good news for me – no meeting with teachers and I get off without any issues!!

BUT…I get to my work (I work for the school board too, but at another location), to discover we’ve had a water main burst.  My brand new computer is potentially gone (turns out it is bone dry and OK!!).  I am not a happy camper tho – wet wet wet carpet and I can’t do any work.  We proceed to clean up the mess all day – very tiring.  But my desk is completely cleaned up, and some stuff that I’ve been procrastinating about getting rid of or moving have now been moved and/or gotten rid of.  Good news.

Then….yes, bad luck happens in threes….I go to the grocery store.  And get rear ended by someone backing out of a parking lot.  I figure that it’s going to be a 50/50 accident – after all, we are both alone in our vehicles, the damage is not severe, but probably close to the $2000 mark between both vehicles (have you ever had repairs to newer vehicles, OMG they gouge for the stupidest things – aluminium and plastic apparently cost their weight in gold!!).  BUT…..I have a car stop beside me and both witnesses offer their names and numbers to prove that it was her fault!!   

So, I’m going to enter some contests tonight.  I figure I’ve used up all my quota for bad luck for the month, and I want to go on some trips this year on someone else’s dime.  There’s this one contest to win tickets to the opening night of Noah in New York….<giggle…who knows, there may be other actors there besides those that star in it!!!!….you never know!!!>.  And another to go to Paris.  And another to go to Scotland and Ireland, and one to just Scotland and another to just Ireland.  You see, I’ve won stuff before, I know I’ll win this year.   I’ve already seen two movie premiers (just local ones, nothing special), so my year has gotten off to a good start!  I want it to get even better!  



    • Well, I don’t want to say it could have been worse, ’cause that’s the Universe’s signal to bring more of the same!! But all in all, even with the bad, it wasn’t hideous. Inconvenient, annoying, frustrating, and I am completely done with all of it (stick a fork in me, I’m so done!!), but nothing I couldn’t handle.

      Now, I’m waiting for the good – I do believe in the power of positive thinking; the Universe is like a giant puppy and will fetch any stick you throw. Just make sure to describe it in full detail, ’cause the Universe Puppy is pretty big, and will bring back any old stick he/she/it finds as long as it kinda matches what you threw! If you say you want a good day you might just end up with something like my yesterday!! Nothing bad, all ended up being good, but certainly NOT what I thought I requested!!

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