Only The Dwarves Were Small

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Armitage Agonistes


Dwarves might be small, but everything else on The Hobbit was BIG. A 266 day film shoot was a huge undertaking, and required a great deal of effort by a great many people, before, during and after filming.

The statistics make for mind boggling reading; it was estimated that 3,000 people were employed- one thousand on the studio payroll, one thousand at Weta Digital and roughly another thousand at Weta Workshop, Park Road Post and casual contractors. There was a welcome flow-on in spending to other businesses around New Zealand such as:

  • 6,750 domestic flights
  • 93,000 bed nights
  •  1,800 rental cars
  •  1,650 work vehicles
  • $9 million spent on construction materials
  • $1.5 million on food suppliers

By 31st March 2013, spending on The Hobbit, prior to pickup shooting was reported at US$ 561 million.

Now for the fun stuff- the weird and wonderful stats from The Hobbit shoot…

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