Quick review of Captain America The Winter Soldier

I won’t give any spoilers here, that’s bad taste.  But I will give my opinion.  That’s allowed.

To begin with, I went on a freebie.  I won the tickets (my third set this year YAY!! – gotta love contesting!!) and Kirk and I went tonight to the theatre in Chinook Mall, here in Calgary.

It was 3-D, and we arrived fairly late, so ended up sitting in the very front.  This was sucky, but it actually allows me to give a better opinion.  I didn’t like the seats in the front when we went to Gladiator years ago, and had made promises to ourselves to never sit that close again.  But these were free, so we decided to stick around and watch it.  

I’m glad we did.  Although I could see pretty much every pore on Chris Evan’s face, it is such a good looking face I didn’t mind at all.  It was a little distracting with the 3-D so close, but not so much that the movie was destroyed by it.  My husband disagrees with me, but he had Scarlett Johansson to look at.  My neck was strained by the end, and sitting so close made me move my head to see what was going on when stuff moved from side to side on the screen.  And there is a lot of stuff going on all over the screen, so I have to say my neck is actually quite sore.  

The story line was a little weak, and it seemed a little choppy sometimes.  But I’ll admit I haven’t seen all the other movies yet, so that could be why I wasn’t as impressed as others might be.  It was a good movie, with good actors that played their parts well, so I’ll give it a 7.5 out of 10 for now – I may revise this opinion at a later date.



  1. You really need to see all the movies, and be watching Agents of SHIELD for the impact of how perfect the screenplay is to be understandable. Knowing that you haven’t, your review makes complete sense. Once you’ve seen everything (if you haven’t, you need to come visit and we can have a quilting movie watching weekend), Winter Soldier truly takes its place as a capstone movie in the franchise. SO much important stuff going on!

    Miss you!

    • It’s funny, just watched The Avengers (the first one) and Thor: The Dark World yesterday, and more of what I saw in Captain America The Winter Soldier makes sense. Even tho Thor was all about Thor and Loki – but Shield seemed to have a finger in that pie too from some of the commentary in CATWS. And it helps that I’ve seen some stuff on Tumblr that explains some of it too.

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