Adult dress up

Well, I’m a grown woman, but I’m a bit of a geek.

And my geekdom is showing.  This weekend, I made my costume for Calgary’s Comic Expo.  I saw how much fun people in costume were having last year, and I decided to dress up this year.

I’m not a small woman.  I am also rather shy.  I am also quite body conscious.  I considered what I could go as.  Really, there aren’t many choices for plus sized people.  I could go as an out of work Wonder Woman, perhaps a down and out Cat Woman.  I could go as Drew Carey’s secretary sidekick (but I hated her, so NO).  So, what coudl I go as???  I asked myself.

Well, just so happens, there is a wonderful character that is not only a powerful woman (she rescued herself, and she’s the leader of an army to boot!!), she is also plus sized and doesn’t care!  Downside is, well, she’s green.  Yup, you guessed it, I’m going as Fiona from Shrek Forever After.

I made the costume this weekend – not very hard actually.  I’ve made the tuic, the skirt, and the necklace.  My husband started to make the axe, the belt (and the buckle) and the wrist bracer for me.  My daughter’s old winter boots (a cheap Ugg version) have been repurposed, and I’ve bought the wig.  I’ve got the green face paint and have ordered a second one just in case (although it may not get here in time – well, I’ll just have to be careful).

I still need to make the leg sheath (I’ve got an old decorative belt sheath that I’ll repurpose with a foam dagger), and finish the wrist bracer (there are these 3 silver “buttons” on it).  I have to comb out the wig so it looks better – the one I bought came braided and was a bit tangled).  My husband said he’ll finish the axe tonight, and then just finishing touches and we’re good to go.  I’ll post pics when I’m done.


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