Godzilla review – spoiler alert

Well, Japanese monster levels an American city with (Mothra?’s) help. Basically that’s the synopsis and while it was visually incredible with lots of special effects and tons of explosions, it was also quite predictable, even for the neophyte Godzilla movie person (namely me).

I took both my kids (hubby is out of town and I wanted to see a movie and X-Men was sold out by the time we got there). The teen girl was bored and the pre-teen boy was even more so. He kept asking for food (we ate in the food court at Cross Iron Mills Mall, but had no popcorn so he was STARVING).

Unfortunately, I wasn’t impressed. It left me hanging in places, yet tied up too many loose ends for a nice clean ending. And the monster as hero in the end is SUCH a cliche ending. I give it a 4.5 out of 10.


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