A little bit frustrated, and a lot bit annoyed

I work as a secretary in an Outreach Program with the local school board.  I am so frustrated by some of the stories the kids tell. 

Today, I overheard one brand new student talking to one who has been here for a while, and they had very similar stories.

Basically, a while ago, a teacher told the brand new student that she “would never armount to anything, so why <was she> even in here?” – I’m guessing meaning the class that she was in at the time.

I realize some teachers use this as a motivational “get your act together” kinda speech, but do they have ANY idea how damaging to their students self esteem this comment is?  I hear it over and over again from students year after year.  Yes, some students take it a drive to succeed, but there are an equal amount that take it as “Yeah, why bother, they are right”.  And then they go slash someones tires, or spraypaint someone’s property, or hurt someone (or worse yet, hurt themselves).

So, teachers out there, CUT IT OUT!!!  You spend more time in a student’s life than their own parents do.  You influence them, and can mean a difference.  Your words count – make them  good ones.


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