Weaving Winingas

Getting ready to thread the heddles



86 threads, 12 yards long
Jagger Spun Maine Line thread in colour “Shale” for the warp
Jagger Spun Maine Line thread in colour “French Blue” will be the weft

I’m going to do a leaf pattern on them – a twill from “A Handweaver’s Pattern Book” by Marguerite Davison’s book – page 9, pattern #35.  Well, I’ll try it out, see how it looks, and if I don’t like it, I’ll pick something else.  I’ll post the final pics when I’m done.

Puttered around putting it on the loom – would have been done yesterday afternoon, but for being online, messing around.  Also, my kids were running a garage sale today, and I was transplanting more cherry tomatoes and some more strawberries (the local grocery store has a “greenhouse” every spring, and sells the last few plants at huge discounts, so if they survive, bonus!).

But it’s partially on the loom, and I’ll get the heddles threaded tonight, and then I’ll start weaving them.  Since it’s only going to be 4″ wide, it’s going to go FAST!!  But it is 12 yards – I figure with the width I’ll be weaving about 2 yards or more an hour (barring thread breakage) – so I’ll be done in 4-6 hours.  Then I’ll full them (wash in hot water to shrink them), and then cut the two apart and finish the ends.  I should have them done for the weekend to give to Grimm.


Tying up the treadles is always a pain in my rear shoulders.

Wow, my craft room looks filthy from this angle.  Gonna have to pull out the vacuum when I’m done this project.


The start of the weaving.  I decided I didn’t like the original pattern I chose, so I decided to go with Pebble Weave from the same book, page 5, design 8.  I know it looks kinda crummy right now, but that always happens at the start of a weave.  Once I get my groove on, it’ll go much smoother, my tension will equalize, and the selvages will look AWESOME!!


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