Minor Ranting-read or ignore

Ok, to start, I have been doing some type of secretarial work since I was 18 year old.  That makes me very experienced at what I do – not going to tell you HOW experienced, but trust me, I know what I’m doing.

Now, with all that experience comes speed.  Specifically at filing.  I hate filing, but I’m good at it.  It’s kinda like a multiple choice test – either you know the answer immediately, or you don’t.  If you don’t, you go back thru the answers later, if/when you have more time.  Same when you are filing – you have a file to put stuff into or you don’t – if you don’t you go back thru later to find it.  It could be misfiled after all.  You don’t focus on one file – it’s the whole that you have to focus on.

It is end of year for my school.  That means that ALL the filing that I *YAY* get to do is being done.  It’s a big job, and I knew I’d need help, so I asked 3 of my co-workers for help.  One of them is very competent, and we finished our part in about 15 minutes.  The other two – well one is competent and the other…. well, her strengths lie elsewhere.  Far far far away elsewhere.  She focuses on the miniscule, the one, not the many. 

So, to end this rant, I had to leave the back filing area.  I was getting irritated and frustrated, because she is so SLOOOOOOWWWW at filing.  I realize I’m really good at it, and she is doing me a major favour by helping me, even at her speed of *TURTLE!!!*, so I have to just say “Thank you” and step away.  But now, because of her “help”, I’ll be finishing this tomorrow.  GAHHHHHH!!

And unfortunately, these print-outs can’t be done earlier in the year when I have more time, or have nothing better to do.  They MUST be printed out at the end of the year.  I only wish – I’d print them and file them when I have lots of time!  The last two days are always crazy cause we all want to go to the end-of-year party ASAP. 

<sigh>  End of rant – thanks for listening.  Now, back to your regular programmed Happy Happy Joy Joy writingness.


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