I am home

My family went camping this past weekend with our medieval group.  It was the Investiture for our new Prince and Princess, and it was lovely as usual.  What was different was the rainstorm – it had gale force wind, the rain was coming in sideways and there was hail.  There was lightening, thunder and you could barely see thru the rain, it was coming down so hard – monsoon like, really.

What was also different was we got flooded out of our tent.  Now this has happened to friends in the past, and we have always been the ones to help them in their times of need.  That’s what we have gotten to be known for.  This time it was us.  In 20+ years, we have never been flooded out – this was our turn.  And our friends came thru for us in SPADES!!!!

They helped move us out of the flood,  move our tents to higher ground,  move us back into our tent (one was too wet, and they took our kids in for the night!!),  and then made sure we stayed warm all night.  We didn’t have wet bedding like others did, so we were lucky that way, but our clothes didn’t fare as well, so they lent us garb for the night.  (garb is our slang for medieval clothing).

It really felt wonderful that we were so loved.  I am so glad we have the friends we do.


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