One is done

I decided to make a friend a Dr Who quilt from website. This is the first block.



Tolkien Quilt – Smaug

From – Smaug the Dragon.  I’ll post the number of pieces later, I forgot to count them.  All cotton quilt fabric from my stash.  The red has gold “sprinkles” and the mottled yellow has gold highlights.

Smaug and I had a lot of “discussions” about how he should be sewn together.  I lost most of the arguments … discussions.  But I persevered, and finally finished the block late this afternoon.



By the way, he has 95 pieces, and finished (if I remember correctly) at 7.5″ x 7.5″.  Yes, some of the pieces are smaller than my pinky finger.  His eyes, nostrils and teeth were the teeniest pieces, along with his front foot.  But I like how he turned out.